What’s With All This Weird Weather?

Dr. Kevin Trenberth from the National Center for Atmospheric Research will explore the role of El Niño, climate change, and other influences on the weather and climate, and their role in recent costly and unusual extremes of weather, such as…

Democracy and the Media

What is the role of the Fourth Estate? Can we depend on the media for trusted information? Can Twitter, videos, and rallies circumvent credible media? Is a viable, stable democracy possible without mass communication, television, newspapers, radio, and the internet…

The 2016 Post-Election Results

A dynamic evening analyzing voting patterns and what they mean for America’s future. Our experts will dissect election results, highlight trends and offer their views on what to anticipate going forward. Has anything changed? Are we in a new America?

Is the U.S. Constitutional System Broken?

Given the current political climate, many believe that crucial features of our Constitution have been lost, compromised, or ignored. Is this really the case? Is the precious American Constitution, and the democracy it fostered, in danger? If so, what explains…

An Update on Wall Street

North Jersey Public Policy Network and The Institute for Sustainable Enterprise offer an engaging evening taking a retrospective view of the past financial crisis, and determining what has changed.