Fossil Fuel Trains

Fossil fuels, depending on where they are extracted, may need to travel across long distances. There are real risks associated with the transportation of fossil fuels, whether by train, truck, or boat, all have histories of spills, explosions, fatalities, and […]

Green New Deal: Exploring the Possible

The House and Senate Green New Deal Resolutions have provoked much contention and debate. The debates are heated, some see the Deal as a limit to economic growth – impossible to accomplish, while others have viewed it as a force […]

What’s With All This Weird Weather?

Dr. Kevin Trenberth from the National Center for Atmospheric Research will explore the role of El Niño, climate change, and other influences on the weather and climate, and their role in recent costly and unusual extremes of weather, such as […]

Climate Disruption in the U S

Climate Change is one of the defining issues of the 21st Century. Dr. Trenberth’s research on the link between extreme weather and climate change, as well as his observations on possible options for adapting to and mitigating the effects of […]

Communicating with Others on Climate Issues

Our distinguished expert, Professor Geoffrey Feinberg, offered seminal research conducted by his team at the Yale University Project on Climate Communication. Geoffrey Feinberg is Research Director with the Yale University Project on Climate Communication. He speaks on how “six Americas” […]