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A Serious Election Demands a Serious Electorate
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A Purple Agenda For The Next Four Years

Americans are distinctly unenthusiastic about their options for president this year. Who the candidates are is one problem. What they stand for is another. What are the key issues concerning voters, and what policies best address them? The economist Laurence […]

Healthcare: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going

This program will discuss the history of our healthcare system, the Affordable Care Act, and where we go from here. Many believe the US healthcare system is broken and needs fixing. Two health policy experts will discuss the issues, challenges, […]

Taxes: What You Need to Know

Taxes are deeply embedded in the fabric of the American economy and society. They create incentives related to work, saving, investment, borrowing, and marriage. They are key tools for the provision of the safety net and the redistribution of resources. […]

The Role of Big Money In U S Elections

Join this informative discussion with a group of campaign finance law experts from the nonpartisan, nonprofit Campaign Legal Center to learn how big money special interest spending—often from secret sources—is affecting our elections and the solutions. Topics will include the […]




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