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Infrastructure: past, present, and future

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Please share:Infrastructure has been the bedrock to America’s development, progress, and dreams. Roads to highways, dams, bridges, electric grids, railways and then airports and now internet and more. Can we learn from history, assess current needs, understand the economics and…

For the People Act (HR.1/S.1) Unpacked

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The FPA has received enormous media attention. The partisan battles have been well covered. Most Americans favor fair and just voting rights and laws. Most want voting to be accessible and simplified. Most want money influence on our campaigns and…

News Media and the Politics of Truth

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We face a misinformation crisis. Misinformation is at an all-time high and it’s crippling our democracy, interfering with our ability to talk with each other, to enact needed public policies, and to bridge our bitter partisan divide. And there’s no…

Immigration: Myths/Realities and the Future

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Americans understand that we all are immigrants whether our ancestors arrived willingly for economic opportunity or sought refuge and asylum from persecution. Most of our families have stories about struggles as newcomers as well as the uplifting and positive stories…

JOBS: The Future of Jobs in America

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Much controversy and discussion are taking place about what the future job market will look like. Many Americans are anxious over the uncertainties and want to know.  Can manufacturing return? Is innovation key to the future? What role will technology…

Post 2020: The Future of Democracy

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The year 2020 will remain in the American conscience as the year of two major challenges: the COVID virus and the BIG Lie undermining voter confidence in the 2020 election results. Both were fraught with polarized thinking and positions. It…



Ilene Kahn

NFRPP does all the heavy lifting to bring insightful and thought-provoking speakers together to discuss issues that effect us all. I usually take tons of notes at each event and, like a disciple, share what I have learned to engage others in the issues. NFRRP makes me feel well educated with multiple sides explored to help break down complex topics. The people who attend ask great questions and NFRPP always encourages dialog. And, when I cannot get to the live event, I can always see the video on their site. My local League of Women Voters financially supports this very important organization.

Louis Milgrom

I have attended a good handful of NFRPP presentations and have always found the quality of the speakers and their insights to be stimulating points of conversation and inspiration. The caliber and credentials of the guest speakers is truly impressive - great minds with real insights into our current state of Democracy. I urge everyone to attend. If you are interested in better understanding our government and what is happening on the public stage - and behind the scenes, this is a forum for you.

Michele Hickey

NFRPP does an excellent job of providing credible, non-partisan education programs on important issues. Their programs help me to become a more informed voter.

Peggy LaScala

Great topics and speakers. I learn so much at every event! I am particularly pleased with the nonpartisan, respectful tone of the discussions. The audience asks good questions and the conversations are lively and engaging. I can't think of another forum that makes it so easy to learn about the issues that impact me and my family.

Jayne Sosland

FACTS MATTER. That should really be the name of this organization because it is the back bone of its mission. They offer these programs at no cost and they need to be recognized for providing a crucial service to their fellow citizens especially in these very polarized times.

Vincent LaScala

I treasure the Network for Responsible Public Policy. It consistently presents well informed, committed speakers on topics that I care about. The venue, Fairleigh Dickinson University, is convenient and accommodating. I look forward to meetings every month.

Ruth Kramer

Facts matter more than ever and Network for Responsible Public Policy is committed to providing credible nonpartisan information about public policy topics. The speakers are experts in their fields. The newsletters provide thought-provoking articles. It is a unique organization that is dedicated to educating as many people as possible so we have an informed electorate.

Stephen Summers

NFRPP offers its members the environment to hear major thought leaders objectively talk about the issues, and to engage the audience directly on questions they might have. It's refreshing to get information about public policy free of all the external noise.

Amanda J. Nesheiwat

Network for Responsible Public Policy does an amazing job creating public forums and events with subject matter experts. Every time I attend an educational event put together by NFRPP, I come away with more knowledge on topics I care about, and more equipped with spreading that knowledge with others. Organizations like NFRPP are so needed because they truly provide a service to help responsibly and reliably educate the public about important matters at a time when communities are hesitant about where they get their information.

Gene Cornell

I've worked with NFRPP to bring knowledgeable speakers to the public on the important issues we face today. The goal of NFRPP is to provide the public with the facts and information it needs to make intelligent decisions. The organization is non-partisan, focused only on providing evidence-based material for decision-makers and voters. Speakers have included Nobel laureates, distinguished academics, policymakers, and persons deeply involved in the issues of our day. Given the proliferation of bad and misleading information around the world, doing this is more important than ever.



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