NFRPP is fortunate to have the following distinguished experts willing to serve as resources to assist the Network’s effort to obtain credible information from trusted sources on diverse public policy issues. 

Keith Allred, Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse

Neil Barofsky, author of “Bailout“, Former Inspector General of TARP

Neil Barsky, Executive Director Marshall Project

Prof. Bernard Bell, Rutgers Law School/Newark

David Becker, Executive Director and Founder, Center for Election Innovation and Research

Prof. Robert Becklen, Ramapo College

Prof. Roger Berkowitz, Bard College, Hannah Arendt Center

Joel Cantor, Director, Center for State Health Policy and Professor, Department of Public Policy, Rutgers University

Dan Cassino, professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Jeffrey Clements, President of American Promise and co-founder of Free Speech for People

Jonathan Cloud, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, Fairleigh Dickinson University

William D. Cohan, author/journalist

Andrew Cohen, Senior Editor, The Marshall Project

Peter Coy, Economics Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek

Prof. Perry Dane, Rutgers Law School, Camden

Geoff Feinberg, Research Director, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Eric Fuhrman, Portfolio Manager HGK Asset Management

Nicole Gelinas, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute

Leo Goff, program manager for CNA’s Military Advisory Board

Prof. Jonathan Haidt, Professor, New York University’s Stern School of Business

Susan Herbst, Professor of Political Science, President Emeritus, University of Connecticut

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at Columbia University

Prof. Mark Jacobson, Stanford University

Prof.Krista Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Exec. Director PublicMind

David Cay Johnston, author/journalist

Jonathan Kay, journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of The Walrus

Timothy K. Kuhner, Associate Professor at Georgia State University College of Law

Yphtach Lelkes, Asst. Professor Annenberg School for Communication University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University

Patricia Matthew, Associate Professor of English at Montclair State University

Prof. Lisa Miller, Rutgers University

Prof. Matt Levendusky, Associate Professor of Political Science University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Bruce Mizrach, Rutgers University

John Nichols author/journalist

Cathy O’Neill, author of the blog

Matt Polsky, Senior Fellow for Sustainability Innovation and Multidisciplinary Thought at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise.   

Prof. Jay Rosen, NYU

Peter Salins, Professor, Ph.D., Stony Brook University, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Shauna Shames, Professor, Rutgers University, Camden NJ

Harriet Shugarman, Executive Director, Climate Mama

Prof. Kevin Trenberth, University of Colorado

Prof. David Troutt Rutgers Law School

Michael Unger, Associate Professor of Political Science at Ramapo College of New Jersey