Understanding Fiscal Policies, Debt, and Entitlements

We are overwhelmed with diverse perspectives and approaches to fiscal policies that can be confusing. Are we in a fiscal crisis over debt, entitlements, and the federal budget? Such a complex issue, focusing on debt/debt ceiling and entitlements, will be […]

Antisemitism and Its Impacts

Antisemitism has again reared its ugliness. Jews have experienced antisemitism throughout history on a spectrum from everyday slights to genocide. Today, old misconceptions are propelled by social media and controversies over Israel. A small minority, Jews have been an easy […]

The Supreme Court and Originalism

Throughout US history, judges, scholars, and citizens have argued about how to go about interpreting the US Constitution.  The current Supreme Court has embraced a methodology called “originalism” or “original public meaning.”  But what exactly is “originalism”?  What is its […]

Ukraine: What’s Changed?

Much has evolved in Ukraine since our program in May. While much has changed, much has not changed. Russia continues to be a wild card, but Ukraine has surprised experts with its successes and determination. Where is this going, and […]

Reviving Democracy

A Message from Christopher Beem about the upcoming October 13th program: Americans are frustrated and deeply concerned about the condition of our democracy. Our divisions are so deep and complete that we don’t see how they can be overcome; we are […]

Speaking Rationally with Steven Pinker

Although Harvard cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker enjoyed teaching his students about the interesting puzzles that cause humans to behave irrationally, he realized that as interesting as those puzzles were, they did not explain some of the deeper and more destructive […]