We Need to Talk: Affective Polarization and Discussion

In the talk, Professor Levendusky discusses the origins of affective polarization, the tendency of Democrats and Republicans to dislike and distrust one another. He will share strategies he has tested in his research for reducing this animosity, centered on discussion. […]

What Are Human Rights Anyway?

Human rights go beyond traditional American concepts of civil liberties. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN in the wake of World War II without dissent, included all kinds of rights – civil and political rights (like […]

State of the 2024 Elections: Context and Predictions from Academe

This discussion focuses on the 2024 elections and the presidential campaign, highlighting the most important aspects of the race and putting the contest in a scholarly perspective.  Manza and Herbst will bring their broad knowledge of American politics and public […]

Climate Change Solutions with Bill McKibben

Most understand the climate is changing before our eyes. Implementing solutions has been slowly occurring, but much more needs to be accomplished. Join Bill McKibben for an in-depth discussion on the opportunities, priorities, and diverse solutions to address the challenges […]

Great Power Competition and the Middle East

A new collaboration between China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia has emerged, confronting the US and the global community. What does such a collaboration actually mean for US foreign policy, competition with China, relationship with Saudi Arabia, and long-time challenging […]