This discussion focuses on the 2024 elections and the presidential campaign, highlighting the most important aspects of the race and putting the contest in a scholarly perspective.  Manza and Herbst will bring their broad knowledge of American politics and public opinion to the analysis of the campaign, going beyond the polls and media reports.  Where are we about political discourse, culture, and the future of the presidency, and how can we, as citizens, assess our role in these fraught times?


Susan Herbst is University Professor of Political Science and President Emeritus at the University of Connecticut.  Dr. Herbst is a scholar of public opinion, media, and American politics and is the author of five books and many articles in these areas.  Along with Lawrence R. Jacobs, Adam J. Berinsky, and Frances Lee, she edits the University of Chicago Press Studies in American Politics. Her most recent book, A Troubled Birth: The 1930s and American Public Opinion, was recently published by the University of Chicago Press.  Before coming to UCONN, Herbst was a faculty and administrator at Northwestern University, Temple University, and Georgia Tech.

Jeff Manza is Professor of Sociology and the chair of the Department of Sociology at New York University. He received his BA and PhD from the University of California – Berkeley. Before coming to NYU in 2006, he taught at Penn State (1996-98) and Northwestern (1998-2006). His teaching and research interests lay at the intersection of inequality, political sociology, and public policy. His research examines how different types of social identities and inequalities influence political processes such as voting, partisanship, and public opinion (at both the macro and micro level).