Vote against Bills A4429 and A4430

Please vote against Bills A4429 and A4430.  As a private citizen, I have no way of knowing what went on in the conversations leading to these bills.  However, if they were bills to be proud of, they would not have been rushed-through at the end of the year. 


Online postings are not the same as postings in independent newspapers. If I wanted to find postings, how many websites would I have to visit to cover those from one newspaper? Also, some voters get their information from the internet. Others get theirs from newspapers. Both are valid. Eliminating either would descriminate against that medium’s users.  It would be as wrong as making voting more difficult for one segment of the population. 

Though the financial stability of newspapers is not your primary responsibility, good information is necessary in a democracy.  I depend on my local newspaper. Where else would I get reliable (or at least moderately-reliable) local and state news?  Website news is unreliable and, therefore, divisive, since each voter can find his/her own sources, whether accurate or inaccurate.


ADDITIONAL INCOME: Governor Christie has been “moonlighting” his entire second term.  It is fair to say that the job of NJ governor requires full-time attention. Most executives would not be granted the schedule flexibility governors have.  No governor, now or in the future, should be allowed such a significant financial distraction.  It could distract his/her attention and ability to make right decisions for right reasons.   

ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION:  I am not in a position to evaluate the need for compensation increases.  However, its timing - - when New Jersey’s budget is already in trouble - - and association with governors' outside-income component are wrong.  Salary increases should stand on their own!  They do not go hand-in-hand with any moonlighting provision.

Stanley Goodman, Board Member, NFRPP

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