Are We Going to Let the Supreme Court Corrupt Our Government?

The latest Supreme Court decision striking down limits on campaign donations is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.

Four years ago the misguided Citizens United Supreme Court decision allowed corporations to use their enormous wealth to corrupt candidates and elections. The Supreme Court’s McCutcheon decision will allow yet more money in politics by permitting wealthy individuals to contribute untold millions to campaigns, further drowning out the voice of the people. 

The way big money now dominates and corrupts politics is at the root of most of our nation’s problems— government is no longer responsive to the average citizen but rather to wealthy donors and corporations. 

Money is not speech and never had been in our nation’s 238 year history. And corporations are not people— they’re not even mentioned in the Constitution. 

The Supreme Court has sold out the American people in favor of a small segment of the wealthy who want to run the country. And others in government are complicit in turning our democracy into a plutocracy. All the money in politics renders meaningless the principle of “one person, one vote.” 

Demand action from your elected representatives, who can minimize the damage from the Court’s dangerous decisions. Demand contribution limits, demand disclosure, demand public financing.  Demand democracy! 

This is the last straw!! Please take a few minutes to take action. If enough people act, the influence of big money can be reduced.  Here are some things you can do


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