The Election Won't be Rigged. But It could Be Hacked

In this NYT's op-ed  the author, , is talking about our Sequoia Voting Machines. Princeton University provided technical research to the Penny Venetis (lead attorney)  and Coalition for Peace Action NJ team, suing the State of NJ for not providing voters with a secure voting system.  Our side lost and we still have these machines.

Now Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security and NJ native, is worried about these machines.

Op Ed by As this op-ed points out, with Trump declaring "rigged elections" , the chickens could come home to roost.  In NJ the protocol for November 8th 2016 may have to change to secure guarding of the voting machines prior to the election, after they have been programmed. And, immediately after, the State must switch to a paper based voting system like they have in New York and other states.  READ MORE

 submitted by Ann Rea, contributing NFRPP member

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