Take Action to Restore Our Democracy

cartresdem.jpgThe Restore Democracy Working Group is asking all NJPPN members and their friends and families to sign the below petition. For additional background, click here. This petition will be sent and presented to all members of our NJ Congressional Delegation. Our goal will be to have hundreds of signers for each US Congressional District and thousands for our two US Senators. Armed with these petitions in face-to-face meetings, NJPPN will meet and discuss with all of our New Jersey Congressional Delegations.


I strongly oppose the corrupting influence of money in the American political system. I favor at least one constitutional amendment restoring the authority and responsibility of the people’s government to regulate its campaign finance practices to serve the interest of democracy. 

I support the strongest, most unambiguous laws on campaign finance and lobbying, such that it is always illegal to buy access or influence within the government.  Democracy is based on one person, one vote, and not on the exchange of money.  Congress should be dependent on the people alone, and not on political donors.

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GOAL: 1,000 signatures

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