Stop the TPP, another example of democracy lost

The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is supported, inexplicably, by the President and many members of Congress, including most Republicans, despite that fact that it would eliminate countless jobs and further erode our struggling democracy. 

Supporters call the TPP a “trade deal”, but it is much more than that. It would force U.S. employers into direct competition with corporations in countries where workers are paid less than 65 cents an hour. That’s no way to build our economy.

The administration’s only major economic impact study found that the TPP would result in no U.S. economic growth. A Tufts University study concluded that the TPP would reduce U.S. economic growth over its first decade and cost nearly half-a-million U.S. jobs. Another study found that the TPP would put downward pressure on wages for the bottom 90% of American households. 

In addition to the harmful impact on U.S. jobs and wages, the TPP is a disaster for the environment, food safety, access to medicines, and democracy itself. It would allow corporations including foreign ones to sue governments for common sense regulations that impinge on their sacred profits, never mind the effects on health, safety and the environment. 

What more can you expect from a trade deal that was negotiated for years behind-closed-doors with hundreds of corporate advisors, while the public and press were shut out? 

That’s totally unacceptable in a democracy. But then again, the U.S. is not really a democracy anymore. With the possibility of a House vote on TPP later this year, readers can contact their representatives to express their opinions. 

 --- Tony Giordano, Howell

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