Response to NYT's Prospects for the Climate, and Environmentalism, Under President Trump

Searching for good news, including what a Trump Administration might conceivably be open to, I may have found a bit, although more is welcome.

(see original opinion piece in NYT's by clicking HERE)

My particular niche is encouraging people to question their assumptions that might be getting in the way of further progress towards sustainability, a kind of internal barrier as we do it to ourselves. This is always uphill, because assumptions are comforting and make life easier. As many of us have just been hit in the face by a "real world" shaking of how we thought this country is working, it might make it easier to overcome other prevalent assumptions blocking relatively new ways to move forward.

There's exciting but unreported work going on in the "Business as a Force for Good" and B Corp worlds, a re-framing of the usually unquestioned fundamental assumption of what it means to be a "business." A Republican President and Congress, or most anyone else, might be able to get comfortable with that. If it becomes better known that an increasing number of businesses are OK with addressing climate change, that could eventually change the prevailing mindset about "over-regulation."

If the national pull-back on climate change actions really is coming, there is the opportunity for other states to follow the example of California and Washington and show real and even further leadership. That way, when the cycle again changes at the federal level, as it eventually will (if not too late), there would be a host of tested measures to apply.

Matt Polsky, NFRPP Member

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