Sign and support: The Government by the People Act––the public campaign finance bill

ByThePeoplePlain.jpgMost Americans deplore the influence of money on our democracy. A new bill -Government By the People Act has recently been introduced to Congress as HR-20. On the day the bill was announced it already had one hundred thirty congress people signed on as cosponsors.  We need more congress people to add their names and ultimately their votes to pass this bill.

The bill helps to offset the horrendous amounts of money currently influencing who can run for office, campaigns in general, getting re-elected and public policy. This bill’s campaign finance reforms will help equalize the voices of ordinary citizens and restore democracy. We cannot permit democracy to be undermined by money influence. Take these actions:

  • Please sign this petition
  • Please also call or write your congress people. This is important.

If you need help, let us know.  Help give voice to all of us. Democracy is worth fighting for. Be engaged.

 The Government by the People Act (H.R. 20)

(Introduced by Congressman John Sarbanes on February 5th, 2014)

WHEREAS, The influence of big money and special interests on our politics is undermining the trust of the American people in their government; and

WHEREAS, Congressional lawmakers are becoming increasingly dependent on moneyed special interests to help underwrite the exorbitant costs of campaigns, with the result that public policy too often tilts in the direction of the special interest and away from the public interest; and

WHEREAS, It is time to create a system of funding campaigns that will multiply the power of the grassroots donor and fight back against big money and Super PACs;

NOW THEREFORE, We the undersigned call upon members of Congress to pass the Government by the People Act which will:

  1. Provide a refundable tax credit for citizen contributions to Congressional campaigns.
  2. Provide a multiple match on all grassroots donations to Congressional candidates who agree to forego traditional PAC funding and build a network of grassroots donors.
  3. Provide supplemental support to grassroots candidates in races with excessive spending by Super PACs and other outside groups.

Your support will help Congressman Sarbanes make the case to his fellow lawmakers that they should co-sponsor the Government by the People Act. 

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