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Dear Network:


It was heartening to see some of our elected officials finally getting angry at the intransigence of their colleagues to address issues of great concern to the American people. We, too, should be getting angry and taking similar actions sitting in at the doorsteps of our elected officials who prevent responsible public policy from being implemented. We have a number of such intransigent Congressmen in New Jersey. They need to be voted out of office.

What has befallen America in its dysfunctional politics has been building for decades. The individuals we elect have spent more time raising money to get re-elected than on thinking and acting on behalf of responsible legislation that works in the interest of all Americans. What we have witnessed is deception, lack of transparency, intransigence, favoritism to lobbyists and their clients, growing gaps in income, an economy and tax structure that favors very wealthy Americans, an out of control gun menace, a deteriorating education system, infrastructure, immigration situation, and the list goes on. But what is most frustrating and dangerous is that these elected representatives are not hearing or listening to the American people. 

But- while we can point a finger at our politicians, Americans (that’s all of us) must be accountable and take responsibility for submitting to misleading information, passivity, an unwillingness to ask questions of our elected representatives or to vote out of office those politicians who vote “NO to everything”, to stop viewing our political parties as our “team” to which we must be loyal regardless of behaviors.

It’s heartbreaking to watch poverty in the most powerful country in the world grow, voting rights being tampered with, gerrymandering acceptable, Supreme Court appointments ignored along with many other appointments in limbo due to inaction, the middle class in denial about their deteriorating situation, young people struggling to get an education, to pay off student loans, to find jobs, to hope for an American dream that is fading.

Regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum, we do need a political revolution where those of us who insist on being loyal to one political party, take a look at that party, question such loyalty and shake ourselves up to work for reform. That’s a revolution. We also must move away from the polarized information many of us obtain from information sources that are not credible. We need to seek trusted fact checked information. We need to understand that democracy means compromise. Our founders, brilliant individuals with diverse philosophies understood that the democracy they were launching meant compromise and they did compromise. They gave us our glorious constitution.

It’s time to think and ponder. It’s time to vote the obstinate intransigent representatives out of office. It’s time to muster courage, get better acquainted with American history, take action on legislation, join and/or form groups that will take action and start recognizing that we need to work together, compromise and move forward. You can start by visiting the web sites of your candidates. Check their stands on important issues. Urge your friends, relatives, colleagues to forget party labels. Support and work for the candidates that best represent your positions. Be strong. Reject party loyalty if that party is not working for you or for us. 


Rhoda Schermer

President, NJPPN

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