November 5 Weekly Roundup

Dear Network:

The elections are over and there may be glee in some places and depression in others. What the results indicate is that NJPPN is more essential than ever.  Our mission to raise the level of knowledge and information about important public policy issues and foster civic engagement is more relevant than ever.  In fact what we do by educating and engaging is to safeguard democracy.  We need to do more. The work must continue. Some might say we help create  democracy's troops on the ground. Very important work.

We rarely ask you for financial support but if we are to do a better job, reach more and more people, bring our fabulous education programs to other geographic areas, we must have your support. So please make a tax deductible donation by going to or mailing you contribution to NJPPN, P.O.Box 476, Ridgewood, NJ 07451.

The NJPPN speakers have often asked that we replicate what we do in as many geographic locations as possible. They so appreciate the NJPPN mission and respect our accomplishments that they believe we should clone NJPPN. We think that a great idea. So if any of you wish to launch an NJPPN chapter in your region or know someone who might want to do so - please let us know.  We will provide all the support and help possible. We will make every effort successful.  rsvp:

As usual, check out the provocative links to interesting articles for you to think about and share.

Encourage others to attend programs, visit the njppn web site and like us on FaceBook.  Keep up the good work.

The NJPPN Team


Restore Democracy - Interesting reading in The New York Time

Environment: Read the from The Huffington Post

Income Inequality:( 2 links)

Read this article, and also this one from Denmark Click here.

Program Calendar - 2015    HOLD 3RD THURSDAY OF MONTH and rsvp now

January 15th       Pete Seeger Tribute Concert

February 19th    Energy Visions .. the Ideal, the Pragmatic and the Military

March 19th         Gun Safety - Stop the Violence- Issues and Solutions

Awesome lineup of speakers for February and March.

Refreshments 6:30pm...........Program Presentations and Q & A  7:30pm to 9:30pm

rsvp. or register at: Bring friends. Involve others in NJPPN.

Spring and Fall Programs will be announced soon.

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