November 26 Weekly Roundup

Dear Network:

Perhaps you have noticed that we've changed the newsletter. To review articles related to important public policy issues you just click on "read more" and get the info you want. We think this may be an improvement for those who do not want a lengthy newsletter and/or may not be interested in all issues. So the newsletter limits text and offers you the option to "read more." Let us know if you like this approach.  Plus you can now comment when you click on the various links.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving one of our favorite holidays. Enjoy your family and friends.

Best for a Peaceful and Fun Thanksgiving,

The NJPPN Team


New Jersey Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez voted against the Pipeline.

Here is a link to the U.S. Senate Roll Call on the Keystone Vote. Note:

NJPPN member Fr.David X.Stump,S.J  sends letter to his Assemblyman.....

Dear Assemblyman Prieto,

I was horrified to read in the paper this weekend that you are considering imposing a special road use tax on fuel efficient vehicles, especially since it was in a sidebar to an article discussing how New Jersey can replenish our Transportation Trust Fund without damaging Gov. Christie's presidential aspirations.

One of our highest priorities national, state and local, should be to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.  This is the only way we can mitigate the disastrous effects of global warming that are coming upon us.  It would also lead to cleaner air and would help us end our dependence upon Arab oil, and therefore our need to become involved in their endless civil war.  Fuel-efficient vehicles are an important step in this process.  

Raising the gasoline tax would be another good step.  Raising the tax on tobacco encouraged people to reduce or cut out the use of tobacco; raising the tax on gasoline would encourage people to use less.  Penalizing the owners of fuel-efficient vehicles for being good environmental citizens would be counterproductive in many ways.  Eventually it will be necessary to find another way to fund our highway construction and maintenance but this is the wrong way to do it and the wrong time. 

I urge you to send the governor a bill raising the fuel tax and let him decide whether to sign it or veto it.  If he vetoes it, send him a bill raising the tax rate on incomes over one million dollars.  T

Thank you for giving your attention to this matter.

Income Inequality/Economy and more..........with Thomas  Piketty

Watch Online   Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century,  discusses his book, a watershed example of the dual contradictions of capitalism. join  online to watch it live or on Twitter @SCEPA_economics using #PikettyTNS. The video will also be available online to watch at a later date. 

Restore Democracy: view interview with Zephyr Teachout and Lawrence Lessig (Bill Moyers Show)

Trenton Times on Initiative & Referendum as potential for money influence more.... 

Chuck Todd on the money chase: "You have to find out if you have a sugar daddy or sugar mommy that can write you a check for a billion dollars or knows people that can accumulate a billion dollars. ...I think this whole process, it’s the money.............

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