November 19th Weekly Roundup

Dear Network:

About our January 15th program.....A Music Tribute to Pete Seeger. Most of you grew up loving  Pete's great songs and loved joining him in singing along. Our January program hopes to bring you the best of Pete Seeger and a rousing sing along. Cynthia Summers who performed in the 2014 tribute will be back by popular demand and we're recruiting terrific musicians. If you wish to recommend a performer who does the Seeger repertoire, we are listening.   It will be a wonderful evening honoring an icon who loved humanity, peace and the environment. Few did as much as Pete to  promote the best of human instincts. Yes, we'll sing "Well May the World Go." This program will be very popular and we urge you to pre-register at or by rsvp. We will need a head count for our planning and for  the new social refreshment hour. Let your friends know. We want to fill the auditorium with Pete's music.

About our February 19th program....Energy Visions: Making Sense for  Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness in the USA/China Era. Co-sponsored with Institute for Sustainable Enterprise.

Doesn't it make huge sense to become energy efficient and cut costs regardless of climate change? Aren't there many reasons for becoming energy efficient and less dependent on fossil fuels?

How practical or idealistic should our energy visions be? What can we accomplish now? What are the future goals and potential and how can we achieve them?  Prof. Mark Jacobson of Stanford University is well known for his grand vision  and Dan Sosland, President of Acadia Center has been spearheading pragmatic implementation of plans throughout New England that reduces carbon emissions. Let's find out what we can do now while continuing to move forward.

Sometimes the cost is just in economic terms: dollars, but there are many other metrics.  Many of you favor a carbon tax but If there were a carbon tax, how do the  economics change. What are the externalities and hidden costs? Let's find out.

The military are huge users of fuel and energy, and it is in their best interests to reduce that as much as possible to cut down on logistics.   What good is a huge hulking heavy tank that gets 1 mile to every 10 gallons if it doesn't have a huge gas tank or a tanker nearby?  They have huge incentives to get better gas mileage in everything from planes to ships to tanks and vehicles to cut down on long supply lines and costs.   They are increasingly carrying solar panels to provide an instant source of power. And so they are trying to do quite a bit, but while part of this is driven by climate change it is obviously in their best interests for entirely other reasons, and there are good prospects that they may develop new technologies as a result. Let's learn about this from Capt. Leo Goff. What is the military vision and what are they doing?

This February program will be enlightening and energizing. You can ask all the questions you have at a very dynamic Q & A. There is already much interest in this program with many registered. Please pre-register at or rsvp: The auditorium seating is finite. Get your name on the list.

Stay tuned, informed and motivated -

The NJPPN Team

Restore Democracy: Let's do it!!


The Restore Democracy Work Group is now making their strategic plans for 2015. Join in.

We need to fix this: read more... A fascinating new Sunlight Foundation analysis: "After examining 14 million records, including data on campaign contributions, lobbying expenditures, federal budget allocations and spending, we found that, on average, for every dollar spent on influencing politics, the nation’s most politically active corporations received $760 from the government. The $4.4 trillion total represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion that individual taxpayers paid into the federal treasury."

Click: for his interview with Zephyr Teachout and Lawrence Lesssig.

Survey:   Please let us know your thoughts.

Film Screening  Plan:

NJPPN would like to introduce a film screening series to include issue documentaries as well as old, foreign  and current films related to the NJPPN mission. If you are interested in helping with this just rsvp.


NJPPN is planning its issue programs for April - December 2015. We hope that this is the year web casting will be added to the information dissemination tool kit. The following issues have been suggested. Please vote your preferences and priorities:

income inequality, solutions to money influence, privatization, leadership, college and student loans, economy and jobs, foreign policy, add others not listed that you prefer.


just reply with your response to  Thanks so much.

Have a Great and Happy Thanksgiving!

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