Dear NJPPN Network

Our current key priority policy issues are Money Influence on Democracy, Environment Issues, Wall Street Reform, Health Care Reform and Income Inequality. But we have many important issues in the pipe line. Our time in the weeks ahead will be spent planning future programs and recruiting the great speakers we are becoming known for. We urge you to let us know of issues that interest you and distinguished expert speakers you wish to recommend. We are also working on a new web site which will be launched soon and about which you will hear more.

Some of you have asked why we require an rsvp for our programs. It is because we need a head count, know how many volunteers to assign, the quantity of handouts ( watch our paper use), any emergency changes in location/date/time and  other such reasons. So your rsvp is helpful to us and potentially to you. No one gets demerits if they rsvp and then cannot attend. We always get walk-ins and late registrations and learned flexibility. Please rsvp - it does help.

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