National Gun Violence

Over the last few years, it seems as though gun violence has gradually increased in our cities and our nation overall. The result of this type of violence not only causes irreparable direct damage to victims, but it destroys families and tears apart communities. We have seen these tragedies occur in large cities and small towns, and I am sure we have all felt the immediate need to take charge on this issue and impact change. 

As Mayor of Jersey City, I see the sobering reality of gun violence far too often. Just in the last week we had several juveniles involved in gun violence. While we have increased manpower and walking posts, the reality is that the issues surrounding gun violence in cities are complex. 

In order to make progress on preventing gun violence, local leaders must find innovative solutions to create safer streets, from better social services, to better employment opportunities, to more effective policing. We have been aggressive on the local front, but we clearly have more work to do. 

While our police department has grown since 2013, I should point out that our police department has removed nearly 800 illegal firearms from the streets in the past three years.  The sad fact is, often times it is young people who have access to these weapons, an issue not unique to Jersey City and one that requires action by our federal lawmakers. 

Whether you live in a small town or a large city, we must come together and stand up to gun violence by pledging to implement policies and practices that will end this national epidemic.

You can learn more about National Gun Violence here.  

Let's work together to create a nation free from gun violence.

Mayor Steven Fulop

Jersey City

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