Member Response to NYT Op-Ed: How to Rig an Election

All too true. This is way beyond political campaign norms, truthful hyperbole, or sales puffery.  Nothing any candidate did or could do would be the "greatest" or the "best", or "horrible", but only Trump is bragging he makes the best deals and she made the worst (even when she wasn't involved), or and hurling misogynistic epithets. 

The media are complicit in allowing unprecedented distortion and false equivalency.  Without covering Trump's every announcement - with a 75 pct lie/truth ratio - as if it were breaking, earth-shaking news- he'd be left howling in the wind. 

See Op-Ed: Article:

If the media really cares about full, honest coverage, why do we hear about her emails and Foundation conflicts 24/7, but almost nothing about Trump's tax evasion (he didn't disclose $825 mm of forgiveness of debt as taxable income in 1995) when most taxpayers are nailed for fraud if they don't report income. Or about Russia and Assange meddling in our election to smear Hillary, but not leak Trump's personal emls or his tax accountants' or lawyers' files. Or about the FBI leaks to Giuliani. Or about defrauding vets and unemployed workers with "Dare to Be Great" Ponzi schemes at Trump University. Or his stiffing contractors and workers. Or paying victims of his sexual advances to keep quiet. Or lying about his great deals (exposed as total BS by his ghost writer, Tony Schwartz). Or claiming to be 1st in his class at Wharton, whrn didn't even recive honors. Or claiming to be Swedish, not German, in order not to lose Jewish tenants. Or pretending the Jewish star on his anti-Wall St./ anti- Hillary ad was a Texas sheriff's badge, when it was lifted from a white racist website.

Most thinking people know the difference between rumor-mongering newstand rags and journalistc media. We don't expect a National Enquirer to verify everything. That line has been blurred by extreme political sites and self-serving blogs, funded by Super PAC's, who get away with unverified lies about public figures. TV ad dollars and audience optimization are no excuse for perpetuating lies and glorifying liars.

We need to change the financial motivations of mainstream media. They need to report news, not make it, and pretend that both sides are equally untruthful.  We know Fox is telling 1 side, but CNN and MSNBC knowingly promote 2--sided lies and let the their knowledgeable audience decipher truth from the weeds of fiction. They think it's somehow Democratic to invite partisan panelists and bimbettes (Kellyanne Conway, Kailegh McEnany - heavily made-up, ultra-thin bleached blondes) to pretend to be smart analysts while they spout nonsensical garbage. They scoff at us all the way to the Bank. I guess Trump would say, we're all suckers and losers, and we may be, if we swallow their lines. 

Political news coverage has become a scripted reality show, complete with sponsors. We shouldn't be shocked that Trump gets to play a lead role.


Gil Sandler

Member and NFRPP Board Member



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