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  • Vote against Bills A4429 and A4430


    Please vote against Bills A4429 and A4430.  As a private citizen, I have no way of knowing what went on in the conversations leading to these bills.  However, if they were bills to be proud of, they would not have been rushed-through...

  • A Brighter Side to a Trump Presidency?


    Trying to find a bright side to the Trump’s election—anything--I came up with a few:

    (1) I never thought he was dumb.  The “political genius” to find the kinks in all the conventional political wisdoms of the time might...

  • Response to NYT's Prospects for the Climate, and Environmentalism, Under President Trump


    Searching for good news, including what a Trump Administration might conceivably be open to, I may have found a bit, although more is welcome.

    (see original opinion piece in NYT's by clicking HERE)

    My particular niche is encouraging...

  • Member Response to NYT Op-Ed: How to Rig an Election


    All too true. This is way beyond political campaign norms, truthful hyperbole, or sales puffery.  Nothing any candidate did or could do would be the "greatest" or the "best", or "horrible", but only Trump is bragging he makes the best...

  • How Trump Avoided Taxable Income


    If you're wondering how Trump avoided taxable income on $916 mm of forgiven partnership casino debt, it's pretty close to what I expected, with an unlikely variation. on short, a manipulation of the Tax Reform Act of 1985, that imposed...

  • Kenneth Bone: Keeping it Real


    During the second presidential debate, the people declared a winner: Ken Bone, a man who works in a coal-fired power plant and one of the undecided voters at the debate.  Ken Bone, the man that took the world by storm...

  • Elections 101: How Does the Presidential Election Affect Congressional Races?


    Brookings political experts answer common questions about the presidential election process, adding their unique reflections, historical context and ideas for improving our electoral process. Watch the entire series and return to see new questions answered.

  • A First-Time Voter’s Guide to Voting Responsibly


    If you are an American citizen that is voting for the first time this election season, congratulations!  You are finally going to experience the right to vote to guarantee a government that is truly by the people and for the...

  • Student Review: Is the U.S. Constitutional System Broken?


    Looking at the country’s current political climate, it seems that the nation has lost touch with the cornerstone of American democracy: The Constitution.  The very document that is referenced so often by everyone from presidential candidates to everyday citizens seems...

  • The Luxury of Disappointment


    This election is giving me high blood pressure… and I don’t mean the man in the Great Pumpkin outfit who is running for president. Most of us have resigned ourselves to a ‘Bitches over Bigots’ strategy*, rather than real change....

  • Alarms that things are terribly wrong and need to change


    The next time you’re frantically fighting traffic to get to work or to the market in that shiny, over-priced, gas-guzzling vehicle you work so hard to pay off, ask yourself — is this really the life you want and need?...

  • School District Regionalization: The Land Use Connection


    Will school district consolidation save New Jersey taxpayers money? It might, but equally important, it might lead to better land-use decisions that preserve open space, reinvigorate downtowns and main streets, and relieve the pressure on towns to expand sprawling infrastructure.

  • The Election Won't be Rigged. But It could Be Hacked


    In this NYT's op-ed  the author, , is talking about our Sequoia Voting Machines. Princeton University provided technical research to the Penny Venetis (lead attorney)  and Coalition for Peace Action NJ team, suing the State of NJ for...

  • CEO compensation compared to average workers


    It is a widely held belief that workers are paid "what they're worth" or "what they deserve" -- that there is some kind of automatic or natural force in the labor economy that sets a fair and appropriate level of...

  • Internships Are Not a Privilege


    From: Tara Marlowe
    Open Letter Response to NYT Op-ed

    On July 5th, Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, published an op-ed in the New York Times positing that unpaid internships perpetuate inequality.1 He commented on how this is especially disturbing...

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