Environment & Energy 12/23

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Brennan Center: New York State banned fracking!

This is an amazing victory that came after years of work

to educate and mobilize thousands of people to take action and advocate for a ban on this dangerous practice. We are so proud of the 6 Food & Water Watch staff in New York and allies who worked so hard to make this ban happen. Now New Jersey should follow suit: Tell Governor Christie to ban fracking waste and keep fracking out of New Jersey!

During the announcement, the commissioners of the Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Health talked about many of the risks associated with fracking and referenced studies that conclude that fracking is dangerous to the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Cuomo's advisers told him what had been known for years: fracking is not safe and it is a threat to health and environment. And this includes toxic, radioactive fracking waste.

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