Thank you for signing the End Secret Money in NJ Petition

NJ voters across the political spectrum are angry that so much money - especially undisclosed money from outside the state - is being spent in our elections. In ademocracy, it is our right to know the amount and source of money spent either in favor or against a candidate or ballot proposition. These bills state that all aggregate contributions of $2,500+ and expenditures of $1,400+ must be fully disclosed.

Free and fair elections require a voter’s ability to follow the money. If donations are not disclosed, any subsequent act of intimidation or “quid pro quo” corruption is likely to go undetected. Dark money in elections tempt interest groups of all stripes to engineer the outcome.

Our NJ Legislature is already on the record in support of Constitutional
Amendment to overturn Citizens United, the ruling that allows for free and unlimited spending by corporations in our elections. Since it will take a constitutional amendment to remedy the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, we must reduce the harm NOW by bringing all campaign contributions and expenditures into the light of day. Pass A227 and the companion Senate bill (which was S2616 in the last session) in time for our next election November 2015.