December 3rd Weekly Roundup

Dear Network:

By now you have been considering the worthy organizations to whom you wish to donate. We hope that NJPPN is on that list. As a 501.c.3 education organization, your donations to NJPPN are tax deductible. You have good reason to choose and support NJPPN.

As a 100% volunteer network, NJPPN has minimal overhead costs and all donations go to providing the exemplary programs that you have become accustomed to. Because more and more of you are joining the Network but live in diverse geographic areas we have made sure that all programs are videoed and accessible either on the NJPPN website or YouTube. Due to the quality of the NJPPN programs, we have been asked to webcast so that more of the public can benefit from these programs. We hope to accomplish this and other technical functions that address our Mission of educating on key public policy issues and motivating civic engagement. The more people who have good information the better and stronger our democracy.
According to speakers, all distinguished experts prominent in their field of study, they have not encountered an organizations like NJPPN. While they speak across the country, our speakers have even called NJPPN unique. They appreciate that our programs are open to everyone and that we are trying hard to provide credible information which is not a simple task in our internet world. Because there is so much propaganda, misleading and often false information circulating on important public policy issues, the NJPPN voice is critical and the civic engagement that often comes with knowledge critical for democracy. Help us make our voice even stronger. Help us reach more people. Make your contribution today and enjoy the upcoming Winter program schedule.

Examples of Upcoming programs in 2015. Add to your calendar and rsvp so we know you are coming..

Environment/Energy: This year, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency proposed action to restrict carbon pollution from existing power plants. Many believe the rules do not go far enough.. The EPA accepted comments on the rule until December 1st. If you didn't comment to the EPA about improving the rulings, please attend the NJPPN February 19th program on Energy Visions from the ideal, practical and military perspectives. This is a unique opportunity to learn solutions that are possible, achievable and necessary. Hear from Stanford University Prof. Mark Jacobson, Acadia Center's President Dan Sosland and the Military's expert Leo Goff. FDU Wilson Auditorium in Hackensack, NJ. rsvp.

Gun Violence Policies: While issues seem to be hot and then fade, few believe that America has addressed the issue of gun violence. Newtown, CT and what it represents is still with us. On March 15th you can hear and meet Rabbi Shaul Praver of Newtown, CT a leader and strong advocate for sensible gun policies, Jersey City Mayor Stephen Fulop who is accomplishing innovative policies, Adam Skaags of Everytown and Mandi Perlmutter of Moms Demand Action. Lots of ideas, innovative thinking, accomplishments will be on the speakers' agendas.

Please donate to support this work. The optional program "bucket" donations do not cover the program's expenses. We truly need your assistance. Our speakers tell us NJPPN is "unique" but your donations tell us to keep up the good work. Please go to our web site and donate or send your donation in any amount to: NJPPN, P. O. Box 476, Ridgewood, NJ. 07451

Thank you so much. NJPPN needs you,

The NJPPN Team

Restore Democracy:

8 thing you can do to help get money out of politics and the 9th is join the NJPPN Restore Democracy Work Group

There’s growing awareness of how a flood of money is distorting our politics." NJPPN's RD Work Group is working with these groups and the New Jersey Coalition. The money issue is non-partisan and polls indicate the majority of Americans loathe the influence of money on our democracy.

A new study finds, "when corporations deployed lobbyists and made contributions from their political action committees to tax-writing committees, they got tangible benefits." Phoenix Business Journal

Politico: One last try: Senate Dems push campaign finance reform

Sen. Tester is trying to get his bill to require e-filing of Senate fundraising reports included in the government funding bill, but McConnell might want his end run around contribution limits in return or something. Tester's bill has 10 Republican cosponsors.

Income Inequality:    

If interested in forming a Work Group on this issue, please rsvp:

The Wall Street Journal Finds Trouble for the Middle Class .We know working Americans are in trouble. Today, a new report from the Wall Street Journal shows more evidence of the problem. The central pillars of a middle-class life are slipping away as  costs rise rapidly and incomes stagnate. Stay tuned for NJPPN's upcoming forum to address income inequality in New Jersey.

Interesting Reads:

We try to find interesting books and articles on a variety of public policy issues. NJPPN welcomes your suggestions. Whatever your priorities are whether environment, energy, GMOs, food labeling, taxes, deficit, student loans, jobs, economy, size of government, leadership etc consider sharing......................Consider NJPPN a forum for quality information from reliable and trusted sources.

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Gerrymandering - a problem for Democracy --

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