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It is hard to stay focused these days as we are confronted with constantly changing issue priorities. One day's priority becomes old sometimes in a day even when such issue is very important. For days we were subjected to Snowden headlines, NSA headlines, WikiLeaks, and opinions on traitors vs whistleblowers, security from terrorism vs privacy and more. We hardly see or hear anything on these important issues. Syria has taken over the headlines and hopefully that priority issue will get resolved in the best interests of all of us. From our observation, most of these issues are related to the subject of our upcoming program.

The NJPPN September 19th program covers all these concerns and especially how they relate to the press and media. NYU Professor Jay Rosen, is the "go to guy" on this subject and therefore the opportunity to hear directly from him should not be missed. We also will have Anthony DePalma, writer in residence at Seton Hall University, author and former New York Times correspondent. He will serve as the discussant/moderator.

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