Big Money: Why Our Problems are Ignored

The spending bill passed by Congress and signed by the president is yet another disgusting example of big money buying favorable legislation.

Citigroup leveraged its influence as a major donor to slip provisions into the bill that are clearly against the public interest. Just six years after falling into the worst recession since the great depression, the bill provides for another round of bank bailouts and rolls back vital financial regulation, while allowing still more money into politics.

We have to stop and ask: Why is it that compared to other wealthy nations, the U.S. has more low-paying jobs, more children living in poverty, more economic inequality and more money in politics?

These widespread problems persist despite clear public support to have government address them. But they’re not addressed. While most Americans continue to struggle, corporations and the wealthy enjoy historic abundance.

Money entering politics, largely from corporations and the wealthy, has always influenced government action. But following recent Supreme Court decisions allowing corporate donations and eliminating limits, the big-money influence is overwhelming.

The money is drowning out the voices of average citizens. Elected “representatives” ignore our problems in favor of the interests of large donors, who receive bailouts, tax breaks, subsidies, lax regulation and the like.

To address the many serious problems average citizens face, we need to remove the big money from politics so that government represents all Americans. We need complete campaign finance overhaul to restore democracy. Now.

-- Tony Giordano,

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