Bernie Sanders—a hero for the ages

Despite the apparent failure to gain the nomination, the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign has made invaluable contributions to the American people and to the cause of democracy. 

He has elevated critical but neglected issues into the national conversation—e.g. our growing inequality, big money in politics, our rigged economy, an outdated and unjust election system -- positioning the issues for much needed attention and resolution.

He has pushed Hillary Clinton, the likely next president, closer to progressive positions on key issues that align with the needs of the people instead of the plans of multi-national corporations to squeeze yet more money out of workers and consumers. 

America evidently isn’t ready yet for Bernie’s political revolution, but he has begun paving the way for it. The next truly progressive candidate will fare better because of Bernie.  

History will record that Bernie Sanders was an unrelenting, pioneering hero at a pivotal point in our nation’s history, fighting to restore democracy and rebuild a corrupted government into a trustworthy institution representing, for once, all the people. 

And, of course, Senator Sanders is not done yet….

 --- Tony Giordano, Howell 



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