A Brighter Side to a Trump Presidency?

Trying to find a bright side to the Trump’s election—anything--I came up with a few:

(1) I never thought he was dumb.  The “political genius” to find the kinks in all the conventional political wisdoms of the time might have up-sides to-be-discovered; 

(2) every so often, he would surprise you.  He was one of the only Republican nominees who called the second war with Iraq for the disaster it was and criticized President George W. Bush in front of his entire Party.  He is not anti-Gay.  Some of his business ventures worked, and that showed hopefully transferable competence;

(3) sometimes us “elites” need to be humbled;

(4) don’t believe this one as much as I used to, as the downsides now are so scary, but over time, the American public has to go through the experience of ideas I don’t like to learn what does and doesn’t work;

(5) I participated in my first political campaign that actually won, Gottheimer for Congress—after 5 failures with nothing to show for them.  Hopefully, Gottheimer will show some of the nuances he didn’t or couldn’t during the campaign and prove to be a terrific Congressperson; and

(6) while I had retained minimal hope of someday working for the Federal Government in a catalytical position, as Clinton and Obama Administrators never responded to my letters anyway, there was not much hope of it.  Now, there’s probably no point to further efforts to try, thus freeing up time for other things.  Probably, some more potential upsides will emerge, even if now it seems like a stretch.

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commented 2017-03-10 17:13:55 -0500
Trump is not smart, at least not in the conventional way. He’s got a deep, reptilian understanding of human nature and tapped into the frustration and confusion that many people across the socioeconomic spectrum feel. The more vulgar and disrespectful he was, the more he was validated. He’s a lousy businessman and a teller of absurd falsities who gets away with acting in a manner that should horrify and dismay us as citizens of this country. It’s going to take patient, consistent and strenuous efforts to educate people about the issues in a manner that gets them to listen, understand and make informed decisions. Trump is part of a regime of ideologues who are proudly ignorant of science, data, and economic and social realities. The only bright side to a Trump presidency is the adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day.
commented 2017-01-31 09:34:07 -0500
Since Trump’s statements have been all over the page, I don’t see bright side in any his remarks. His opinions do not appear to come from any moral well thought out principals. Instead they seem to come from whatever suits his best interests at the time.